Twas the day before Summer.

Twas the day before Summer, when all through the School
Not many students were in, just tens and twelves, as a rule.
The students of key workers were looked after with care,
In the hope that the holidays would soon be there.

With teachers concerned about the learning they’ve lost,
Hoping kids will work if our fingers are crossed.
Getting to grips with Teams and Zoom,
Hoping over half join our Google Classroom.

Not just inside the class is what they’ve missed,
Cancelled sports days and presentations dismissed.
We signed no shirts and attended no prom,
Figuring out where to get final grades from.

The students were excited in their shorts and sunglasses,
Whilst the lack of flights would leave them sat on their asses.
With celebs and politicians saying we should teach over the break,
Implying we’ve had 14 weeks off made us double take.

Having a full six weeks off is the stuff of our dreams,
As we sit in our homes reworking our schemes.
Many have displays and planning still left to do,
Hoping September will be what we are used to.

As schools close and the academic year ends,
We all want to see our family and friends.
Make sure you have fun but please do remember,
One thing we all want is a “normal” September!

Life is still not normal for many of us,
So do not think I am making a fuss.
If you’re in a shop make sure you wear a mask,
And keeping your distance isn’t too much to ask.

To sum up our time; one thing is so clear,
It’s been a particularly unusual year.
We have weathered the storm since this situation begun,
Happy Summer to All, and to all a Well Done!

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